There are some people who never pay attention to the labels on their clothing. They simply toss their items in the washer and dryer and hope for the best. This might work on jeans and T-shirts, but items such as authentic sports jerseys should be washed correctly to ensure their longevity. The first step in doing this is to read the label on the jersey. It will tell you how to care for the jersey for normal use. However, if you want to wear the jersey and preserve it so it could later be sold, you might consider doing a few things differently than the label says. Many believe they can wash jerseys and other items together, but this is not a good idea. Jerseys can be washed with other jerseys because they are made from the same materials. Many washing machines have a "small load" setting so that smaller amounts of water are used. If you only have one or two jerseys, not enough for a full load, consider hand washing them to save water and electricity. It is also important to turn the jersey inside out before washing (unless hand washing). The jersey may have lines, sewn on items, and more and these items could fade over time; the washing machine is aggressive when it agitates because this is how the machine cleans clothing. The aggressiveness of the machine can cause fading or wear on the sewn on parts of the jersey, which is why it is best to turn it inside out. It is also a good idea to unbutton all the buttons before washing. The agitation of the machine could cause the button itself to break, or it could rip the button off the jersey if they are still buttoned when washing. Learn more info at: Shop NFL Game Jerseys Here